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Friday, February 10, 2006

Pfizer to launch products nearly simultaneously in global, Indian mkt

Pfizer Ltd is considering aligning its business with its parent company, Pfizer Inc. Pfizer Ltd is hoping to bring down the time lag between the global and the Indian launches of our products. The company would try to launch products nearly simultaneously in global and Indian markets. Typically, the time lag between product launches in the global and the Indian markets varies between six months and two years. Pfizer India is trying to bring this time lag down between six months and one year. Meanwhile, the company would be concentrating more on organic growth.

Pfizer would be bringing in more products into the India market. The major focus would be on augmenting our product basket, thereby filling up gaps that were there. Without revealing further information, Handa hinted that there would a number of products on the offering from Pfizer for the Indian market. The company expects to record double-digit growth in the financial year ending November 2006 against 7 per cent growth of the domestic pharmaceutical market. The last year's performance was good. The company is currently conducting in India around 34 clinical trials, of which 24 are for the global market, informed Shoibal Mukherjee, senior director, medical, Pfizer. Earlier this year, Pfizer launched Vfend in India, one year after its launch in the global market. But the case with Viagra, popular 'blue pill' for treating erectile dysfunction (in men), is far worse.

The drug would be launched in the Indian market on December 26, seven years after it was launched in the international market. Viagra would be launched in 30 cities. Pfizer would be looking at 10-15 per cent share of Rs 80 crore Indian market, within the next one-two years. The product would be imported from France. Currently, the company has no plan for manufacturing Viagra at its Indian unit.


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